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APWCS 2019

16th IEEE Asia Pacific Wireless Communications Symposium 2019.

Foreword I went to Singapore to attend the APWCS 2019 last week. It was a really good conference. I met some famous professors and studied something from them. Pictures Here are the pictures. ...

SNU AI Conference

Artificial Intelligence Today: Governance and Accountability.

Foreword Today I attend a conference held by SNU. The content is the policies about AI. If you have interests, you can find the conference here. Pictures

Websites and Books about GNUradio

SDR study.

最近我发现了一些学习软件无线电很好的书籍与网址,有需要的可以进行参考。 Recently, I found some good books and websites about studying Software Defined Radio. CSUN/EAFB Software Defined Radio (SDR) Senior Project G...

BPSK Audio Modem

GNU Radio study.

Foreword Recently, I found an interesting GNU Radio flow graph and post that flow graph on my blog. This is the source of this flow graph. It was made by Dr. Aaron Scher. You can also download th...


Based on ubuntu 18.04 os.

前言 在 Ubuntu 上安装好 USRP 的驱动 UHD 和 GNU radio 软件后,我们要尝试将 USRP 与到 PC 相连。防止以后走弯路,写下这篇blog =。= 我们的 USRP 的型号是 N210,因此本文只介绍该型号的连接方式。 步骤 1. 连接 将网线与电源连接到 USRP 设备上,然后将网线的另一端接到 PC 的网线端口。PC 的网线接口需是千兆端口。 2....


Based on ubuntu 18.04 os.

前言 习惯使用中文输入法的我,在ubuntu上不能使用中文是很难受。而输入中文就成了尤为重要的事,因为今天将搜狗输入法的安装方式记录下来,以作未来重新使用时的参考。 步骤 1. 卸载ibus 1 sudo apt-get remove ibus 2. 清除ibus配置 1 sudo apt-get purge ibus 3. 卸载顶部任务栏的键盘指示 没有安装任务栏键盘指...


Based on ubuntu 18.04 os.

前言 最近在做基于USRP的项目,USRP有专门的驱动,在虚拟机上安装时,安装过程很愉快,但是真正安装在电脑上的时候,用起来很不舒服。 于是我打算重新安装我的Ubuntu系统并做记录,以防未来重新安装时忘记。 步骤 1. 工具 (1)硬件: 移动硬盘,U盘。 U盘用于做启动盘,移动硬盘是系统要安装的地方。 (2)软件 在安装前,需要下载好 ubuntu 系统,硬盘分区软件 D...

USRP driver and GNU radio installation.

Based on ubuntu 18.04 os.

Foreword The research project what I am doing will end next year Jan. My supervisor asked me to do the hardware implementation. Then, I studied how to use the ubuntu and the GNU radio. Before usi...

Speech signal enhancement

Some classic speech enhancement algorithms.

Foreword I chose a course about speech signal processing this semester. So I read some paper on speech enhancement (SE). The following list shows the algorithms commonly used in SE and the databa...

ICOIN 2019

The 33rd International Conference on Information Networking (ICOIN 2019).

“This is my first time to attend international conference. ” Foreword I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for ICOIN at January 9-11, 2019. I spent a happy time and took many pictures at there. ...