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Ubuntu 18.04 Screen capture tool installation

Ubuntu Tools

Preface Today, I am going to post a tool (Flameshot) for capture the screen in Ubuntu 18.04. Installation Stpes 1 1 sudo apt-get install flameshot Terminal Window Stpes 2 Turn to “Setting...

New GNU Radio study materials

SDR study.

Materials Recently, I found some new materials for GNU Radio study. So I posted those here. Introduction to Software Defined Radio and GNU Radio. Evaluation of SDR platform with respect to imple...

GNU Radio data analysis program

SDR study.

Foreword After collecting the data through USRP and GNU Radio, we have to analyze the data. I search for how to get the data after GNU Radio and USRP. There are two methods. Through MATLAB or GNU ...

GNU Radio modulation scheme


Foreword In GNU Radio, we can build and run the flow graphs. But the there is no specific module of the QAM and PSK. Through the ‘Variable’ module and codes, we can set the order of the modulation...


得益于我教授的推荐,上个月和高丽大的教授取得联系并获得了录取。 最近在做实验和写毕业论文,等过了这一阵会好一些吧。

APWCS 2019

16th IEEE Asia Pacific Wireless Communications Symposium 2019.

Foreword I went to Singapore to attend the APWCS 2019 last week. It was a really good conference. I met some famous professors and studied something from them. Pictures Here are the pictures. ...

SNU AI Conference

Artificial Intelligence Today: Governance and Accountability.

Foreword Today I attend a conference held by SNU. The content is the policies about AI. If you have interests, you can find the conference here. Pictures

Websites and Books about GNUradio

SDR study.

最近我发现了一些学习软件无线电很好的书籍与网址,有需要的可以进行参考。 Recently, I found some good books and websites about studying Software Defined Radio. CSUN/EAFB Software Defined Radio (SDR) Senior Project G...

BPSK Audio Modem

GNU Radio study.

Foreword Recently, I found an interesting GNU Radio flow graph and post that flow graph on my blog. This is the source of this flow graph. It was made by Dr. Aaron Scher. You can also download th...


Based on ubuntu 18.04 os.

前言 在 Ubuntu 上安装好 USRP 的驱动 UHD 和 GNU radio 软件后,我们要尝试将 USRP 与到 PC 相连。防止以后走弯路,写下这篇blog =。= 我们的 USRP 的型号是 N210,因此本文只介绍该型号的连接方式。 步骤 1. 连接 将网线与电源连接到 USRP 设备上,然后将网线的另一端接到 PC 的网线端口。PC 的网线接口需是千兆端口。 2....